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Chocolate and Coffee Cupcakes (with Coffee Caramel)

  What’s a better way to celebrate the advent of spring then with these sweet and indulgent cupcakes? There’s no reason not to have chocolate with Easter on the way, and the delicious coffee flavour will have you bright eyed and bushy tailed, perfect to embrace the warming weather. Makes 12 little cakes, or nine fatter ones. Sponge 115 gram/4oz caster sugar 115gram/4oz butter 85gram/3oz self-raising flour 30 grams/1oz cocoa powder 2 eggs, beaten 1 tsp coffee extract A generous splash of strong Joe Black coffee Coffee Caramel Makes enough for leftovers- excellent for pouring over ice cream. 225 gram/8oz caster sugar 2 tablespoon golden sugar 2 tsp coffee extract 50 gram/2oz butter 140 ml double cream Optional- Butter Icing...

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Alanis Morisette Records New Songs For An Inspiring Documentary About Coffee

The Talamanca mountains 5 hours from San Jose, Costa Rica, is the setting for a new and inspiring documentary that follows the lives of a group of determined women who overcome numerous odds to set up the countries first coffee mill run entirely by women. Produced by Lesley Chilcott (An Inconvenient Truth) and with songs recorded by Alanis Morisette, the film documents the extraordinary story of a small group of women whose determination and success is challenging the culture of growing coffee throughout the world.     During the 90’s when the economy forced many of the community’s men to leave in search of work, the women were left with their children and little sustainable income. With no idea of...

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The Growing Coffee Market In South Korea

With coffee now officially the UK’s favourite drink we decided to take a look at how the coffee industry is catching on in other parts of the world. Areas that for one reason or another, haven’t always been associated with a cup of the black stuff. One country that’s in the midst of a coffee revolution is South Korea. With 50% of its population surrounding the metropolitan area of Seoul (the third largest metropolitan area in the world, behind Tokyo and Delhi), investors and entrepreneurs have identified the potential market for new coffee shops and the rate of expansion in the coffee industry has been staggering over the last couple of years. Imported coffee has risen by 97% since 2011....

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