Coffee Beans Wholesale

Wholesale Coffee Beans

We roast fresh coffee at our premises in Liverpool and Manchester using traditional flame roasting techniques and we blend and grind our beans to meet our customer’s requirements. This includes the development of bespoke blends which we create by working alongside our customer in our newly constructed tasting room.

Joe Black’s philosophy is to roast locally and work with local businesses helping the community and local economy to grow. Our coffee is sold in some of the city’s most popular cafés, restaurants and hotels and you will increasingly see our logo in our customer’s premises on menu boards, swing signs and check-out counters.

To discuss your requirements or find out more about our coffee, or our other products and services, please contact a member of the friendly Joe Black team.

Email us at or call the Sales office on 0151 922 8003

Our range of Wholesale Products:

  • Coffee: Whole bean, filter, cafetiere, bulk brew
  • Teas: Loose leaf, tea bags, scented teas, iced teas
  • Solubles: Hot Chocolate, freeze dried coffee
  • Syrups: all flavours
  • Snacks: biscuits, mints, chocolates
  • Soft drinks: Frobishers, Fentimans, Coca Cola, still and sparking water
  • Vending Supplies: ribbed disposable cups, filters
  • Catering Supplies: Crockery, teapots, cafetieres
  • Hotel housekeeping supplies; sugar sticks, coffee sticks, tea bags, snacks etc.
  • Signage: swing signs, menus, chalk boards
  • Barista supplies: cleaning items, frother products and accessories
  • Equipment: Espresso machines, bulk brew machines, ‘pour and serve’ and boilers

Our range of Services: